Let’s talk Trash…cans that is.

I am thankful for so many things, I have a roof over my head, heat in each room, and a dishwasher that my wonderful husband installed within the first year after we moved in. One thing that I wish I had (isn’t that the human condition though, always wanting something you don’t have?) is a garbage disposal.

I have to rely heavily on my kitchen trash can for all leftovers from meals and scraps from the floor and everywhere else. Needless to say, it gets stinky long before it’s full enough to take outside. I know this is a subject that most would not want to talk about but I think it’s an important one because there ARE ways to improve the odor in your trash can and the remedies are fairly easy.

The first one is baking soda, which we all know is great in the fridge for absorbing those stinky smells that milk, meat and produce make. But baking soda is also great for trash cans too, and all it takes is a sprinkle on the bottom of the can before replacing the bag. If you have a metal trash can, you can fill a coffee filter with baking soda and tie it closed with a twist tie so that loose soda won’t corrode your trash can. Simply wipe out and replace the baking soda whenever you change your trash bag.

Second is a dryer sheet. You don’t have to use one that’s brand new either, it will still absorb smells after you’ve used it in the dryer. Replace whenever you change the bag, just simply toss one into the can before you put the bag in.

Third is vinegar. When you take the trash out, wash down your garbage can with warm soapy water. Rinse and then spray with a vinegar to water solution for extra odor removal, vinegar is great with smells!

So even though it’s a tough subject to talk about, it’s also one that is essential for improving home odors, and the best part is that it’s such an easy fix!

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