Bins, drawers, and containers, oh my!

I am a busy Mom of two small kids and I can tell you from experience that kids are messy! Duh, right? Well it’s true! I have compared my kids to tornadoes before, they gather up little legos, dolls and various tiny pieces of toys in their path and then swirl them around the house, leaving a disaster everywhere.

My daughter can turn my living room into her bedroom in no time flat. It would be impressive if it weren’t so frustrating. But I at least have hope for her, because when she brings her toys out, she is organized about it. She will lay a blanket down on the floor and then arrange her stuffed animals on the blanket and will quietly play with them. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? No, it’s not bad, but when it’s bedtime, and toys need to be picked up and brought back to her bedroom, it becomes a battle, and I end up having to count to three to get her to take care of her toys.

My son on the other hand is a little older now, so he doesn’t have as much in the living room as my daughter. However, the floor of his bedroom is so full of little pieces of Legos that’s it’s hazardous to walk in there and don’t get me started on vacuuming!

So what’s the solution? How can I turn these problems into ideas for organizing? The answer is simple: bins, drawers and containers. I love bins, I love the smaller rectangular fabric bins that can be used for anything. My daughter can bring a bin out in the living room filled with the toys she wants to play with. Then when it’s time to take them back to her bedroom, she can just fill up the bin and put it away.

Containers are great for small Legos. I like to get clear plastic containers with sturdy lids for easy storage that are strong enough to withstand being stepped on or dropped. They are stackable and come in a wide range of sizes for big and small toys or items like crayons and blocks.

Drawers are great for papers and other things, like my son’s electronics for example; headphones, hand-held devices, things like that. Stuff that you want handy and ready to go at any time.

I know that both of my kids have the ability to be organized, and with the help of a few bins, containers and drawers, they will have the tools necessary to get the job done! Not to mention that it not only makes my life easier, but it teaches them life skills that they can take with them everywhere they go.

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