Store bought vs home made

I fall into the category of people who like store bought cleaning solutions because I feel that I won’t be able to effectively get my home clean with anything homemade. I like the labels I see on the shelves at the store that say “antibacterial”, “anti-microbial” and BLEACH! To me, this offers comfort that I am getting the best clean that I can for my family.

However, the problem with this of course, is that I am spraying all kinds of chemicals all over the house that are probably best not inhaled. And because my children are getting to an age now where they want to help me with cleaning, I need to be more careful so that they don’t potentially get sick.

Now here’s the rub. Going to the store and buying something is much simpler than experimenting at home with multiple products to see if you can achieve the same kind of clean without the chemicals.

Fortunately, we live in the digital age, so DIY (do it yourself) cleaning recipes are available in abundance for those that would like to be more ‘green’.

In fact, one recipe that I saw online was a combination of castile soap, orange and tea tree essential oils, warm water and baking soda as a great cleaning agent for the bathroom. This recipe can be used on counters, sinks, floors, especially the area around the toilet and in the shower/bathtub as well.

If you are looking for a cleaning solution in the kitchen, many have used a combination of vinegar, lemon and water to do much of the work on stove tops, microwaves, counters, sinks and faucets. You can also use vinegar and water to clean out the inside of the refrigerator.

Baking soda also has many other uses. From removing grime, to grease stains, oven cleaner and even making homemade toothpaste the sky is the limit with this wonderful product!

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