School starts in 2 weeks!

Oh boy, my kids are both going to be in school this year, my son in first grade and my daughter in preschool.  So I am beginning the arduous prep to get them ready for school; forms to fill out, clothes and school supplies to buy, plus I will be making two school lunches every day instead of one.  So I thought I would give you all some tips on packing lunches that will make life a lot easier.

First of all, I don’t know about you, but I’m always asking  the question, where did all the water bottles go?  My kids are constantly setting theirs down somewhere and it’s up to me to track them down before school.  This year I will have a basket ready to go, when the kids get home from school, we will rinse them out, put fresh water in them, and put them in the basket in the fridge.  That way it is ready to go in the morning and they can have fun helping me refill them and put them in their backpacks themselves the next day.

Second of all, putting fruit and veggies in ziploc bags the night before will save you so much time and again, your kids can participate in getting their lunch ready.  I can tell them each to grab a baggie of grapes or carrots or whatever and put them in the lunchboxes.  Same thing goes with out-of-the-fridge snacks, I can bag up pretzels on a Sunday or something and they will be ready to go all week.

Lastly, keeping all the cold condiments together will save time too.  I can have the turkey, mayo, mustard, cheese and even a few leaves of lettuce put in a basket in the fridge so that I can just take the basket out in the morning and put it back when I’m done.

I am definitely interested in making life as simple as possible in the morning, and I’m sure you are too!  I hope these tips will help you make life less stressful!


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